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Because All Love Ed And Roy Down Inside^.^
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EdxRoy is Love

All Fullmetal Alchemist lovers should join this community. I love Ed and Roy, plus many other Fullmetal Alchemist characters. Now, do not let the name decieve you. The rules of this community are as follows:
*This is NOT AN EDxROY ONLY COMMUNITY! You can post anything Fullmetal Alchemist here, as long as it's not yuri... no yuri *shutters*
*Please keep everything on topic, I don't want you to start on Fullmetal Alchemist and end up talking about socks, go do that somewhere else.
*No fights, you start a fight, your GONE
*All pictures, etc. behind a cut
*No cussing or Spoilers without warnings, we want this to be work-friendly ^.^
*If someone starts a fight (I hope it doesn't come to this) But here is our disciplinary procedure:
1. You will get a warning, like "Stop or you'll be removed," or "This is rude, and you need to stop."
2. The post will be removed, and if you want to post the item again, you can, as long as it's right this time. At this step you will also recieve a comment like "This is too controversal, it will now be removed," explaining why it's being removed.
3. If you cause a fight or hurtful arguement more than twice, you will be banned from the community.
*Newbie posts are welcome, just please keep it to a maximum of 100 words.
Other than that, this community is pretty much open to all Fullmetal Alchemist lovers, so play nice and HAVE FUN!!! ^.^